Our Services

Rental properties

Rental Apartments & Houses for Tokyo Expats

We here at PLAZA HOMES specialize in arranging luxury residences for rent. With properties from spacious houses to hotel-like high-rise apartments, expatriates can expect the highest of standards and specifications to be met. We have a wide range of fine rental residences for local Japanese customers and expatriates working for foreign trading companies, finance companies, manufacturing companies, legal offices, and embassies.

For our non-Japanese customers, we have experienced bilingual sales associates who will introduce residences and assist you with your ongoing home search and with your needs by providing general life information as well consulting.

PLAZA HOMES is your Tokyo Housing Partner, supporting your comfortable life.

Relocation Services

Offering all-inclusive relocation support for people new to Japan

In order for expatriate families new to Japan to relocate smoothly and safely, our experienced consultants will provide support with a thorough introduction to the Tokyo and Yokohama areas. This also includes providing all of the most important information about living in a particular neighborhood. Our relocation support service includes an orientation at the time of relocation, introduction to appropriate schools for their children, assistance with foreign registration matters, and all aspects of moving into and out of their choice of residence.

Commercial Rentals

Office Spaces that best fit your business strategy

As your first business partner in Tokyo, we will help you find a great location with better equipment, infrastructure and with the highest earthquake tolerance.

We understand that helping our customers find the right rental property can help bring them the right business opportunities. From general offices to serviced offices, we can assist our customers flexibly and promptly while accommodating their specific needs.

Buying and Selling

Professional services for both buyers and sellers

Our excellent property listings cover Tokyo's central districts as well as its suburbs. Our listings include detached houses, apartments with advanced facilities, residences, office buildings, profitable small investment properties, profitable large investment properties and everything in between.

PLAZA HOMES has been providing property information and sharing our know-how on real estate purchases in English to the foreign community for over 45 years and continue to receive endorsements from many foreign corporations and individuals.

Property Management

Property Maintenance & Management

In order for tenants of luxury residences to live safely and comfortably, our experienced bi-lingual staff conduct property maintenance and management on behalf of property owners covering both the personal and the systematic aspects of excellent property management.

Building owners and tenants have expressed great satisfaction with our preventive accident maintenance for office buildings as well as our crisis management in case of disaster.

Front Desk Management

Property Maintenance & Management

We supply front desk concierges to expat friendly luxury apartments.

In addition to providing the convenience of a bi-lingual concierge, our extensive knowledge and experience in facilities, maintenance, and management helps ensure tenants enjoy a comfortable daily life.