Setagaya City Guide( Setagaya Ward, Setagaya-ku )

Setagaya City Overview

Setagaya City is a peaceful suburban-style residential area very close to Central Tokyo. There are cultural facilities such as art museums, libraries, and many parks making for a nice residential environment. It is also known to have many high-class residential areas.

In the northern part of the city, along the Keio and Keio Inokashira Lines, are residential and commercial areas such as Meidaimae, Shimo-takaido, Chitose-karasuyama, and Shimo-kitazawa. In the center of the city along the Odakyu Line are the residential and commercial areas of Gotokuji, Kyodo, Soshigaya-okura, and Seijo-gakuenmae.

To the south, along Tamagawa Dori Street and the Tokyu Denentoshi Line, are residential and commercial areas such as Sangenjaya, Komazawadaigakumae, Sakurashinmachi, and Futako-tamagawa. At the south end is the Tokyu Oimachi Line, and along this line are well known residential areas such as Oyamadai, Todoroki, and Kaminoge.

Major commercial areas around Sangenjaya station, Shimo-kitazawa, Chitose-karasuyama, Jiyugaoka, and Futako-tamagawa serve as convenient shopping areas for many people from within and out of the city. Some foreign embassies are also located within Setagaya City.

Setagaya City Living Guide

Once you’ve made plans to move to Setagaya City, you will need to get your resident registration at the Setagaya City Office (Choose English). You will have register within 14 days of the date you begin your residency in Setagaya City.

Please read and keep bookmarked the Setagaya City Disaster Preparedness Map and Setagaya's Earthquake Survival Manual for easy access in the event of a disaster. The city also provides Setagaya City Disaster Prevention App for iOS and Android in English.

Garbage collection varies slightly depending on an area. Guidance on garbage collection in Setagaya City is here.

Setagaya City Residential Areas