Living in Shinagawa

Guide to Shinagawa, a popular expat residential area in Tokyo.

The area around Shinagawa Station, JR Yamanote / Keihin-Tohoku / Tokaido / Keihin-Kyuko / Shinkansen Line.

The address included: Takanawa and Konan in Minato-ku, Kita-Shinagawa and Higashi-Shinagawa in Shinagawa-ku.

Shinagawa Area Overview

Many areas within Tokyo are easily accessible from Shinagawa Station using the JR train lines or on the Toei Asakusa Line. In addition to Tokyo, Haneda Airport and the Yokohama areas are also easily accessible from Shinagawa Station by way of the Keihin Kyuko Line. Since the Shinkansen (bullet train) stops at the JR Shinagawa Station, going to the western parts of Japan such as Osaka or Kyoto is very convenient from here.

The Konan area, towards the ocean from JR Shinagawa Station, is a recently developed area. On the Konan Exit side of the station are the Atre Shinagawa department store and the station square. There are also various restaurants and stores opening around the station square in turn improving the convenience of daily life for the neighborhood. Following the development of the high-rise office tower and condominium apartments of ‘Shinagawa Grand Commons’ and ‘Intercity’, more and more high-rise residential multi-complexes such as World City Towers are emerging in the area.

Tennozu is an open waterfront area surrounded by canals along the Tokyo Bay. Though originally an area full of warehouses recent redevelopments in the area are changing its overall landscape. Recently, many condominiums have been constructed, new town projects by the local municipalities are underway. Some of these projects include arranging space for a promenade and remodeling old warehouses to be used as stylish restaurants and bars along the canal.

There is a luxurious residential area called Gotenyama to the south of Shinagawa Station. The Gotenyama Garden mixed use development consists of a high-rise apartment, a large Japanese garden, a hotel, and an office building.

On the west side of Shinagawa Station there are famous hotels such as the Shinagawa Prince Hotel and the Grand Prince Hotel Takanawa. The area adjacent is the upper-class residential area of Takanawa, where low-rise condominiums and single-family houses are spaciously spread throughout. You can find various rental apartments that are suitable for foreign residents in this area.

Shinagawa Information

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