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One of the first things everyone does when they get to Japan is to get a smartphone or SIM card and make sure the place they are staying has an internet connection. If your home does not have an internet connection though, you will have to call an internet service provider and have one installed. While it may seem simple, the task can prove to be more complicated and troublesome than expected. No need to worry though, we have guides to help make that and many other processes smooth and easy.

Below we have articles covering topics such as how to buy a mobile phone and a SIM card in Japan, English speaking services for connecting to the internet, viewing English TV in Japan, recommended Japanese news broadcasts in English, Japanese Apps and more.

Japan News in English: 17 Great Media Outlets for Expats

One of the many challenges to living in Japan is getting timely and relevant news information. Western media can suffer delays in reporting on Japan news and will invariably miss the more local stories, while domestic publications offer the local perspective, but understanding a newspaper in Japane…

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TV Streaming in Japan: 9 Options for Watching English Programs

Whether you’re craving nostalgic British dramas, your favorite American talk shows, or Japanese programming in English, look no further than these 9 ways to access English TV in Japan through Japanese streaming, satellite, and cable services. TV Streaming Services in Japan In the last few years, st…

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The Best Japanese Apps for Visiting and Living in Japan

Taking a trip to or within Japan any time soon? Are you looking for an app or two to help with navigating around Japan, assisting with language barriers, identifying touristy ideas, or just making life a little easier while you're here? In this article you can find great apps for that. Using Your P…

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Cafes with Wifi in Tokyo: 8 Connected Coffee Joints

A good cuppa joe and free wifi are two things that can be surprisingly hard to find even in the sprawling metropolis that is Tokyo. Sure, you could try to locate the nearest Starbucks or local coffee chain such as Tully's, but why not be like a savvy local and head to a joint that roasts its own b…

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Internet in Japan: Finding English-Speaking Providers in Japan

One of the many great things about living in Japan–being a modern city-is all the modern technological conveniences that come with it, including Internet access. In Japan–as in many other developed countries–there are two primary ways in which you can access the Internet from your apartment; wired…

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Where to Buy SIM Free (unlocked) Phones in Japan

Purchasing a SIM Free Smartphone in Japan is not as difficult as you might think, as long as you know exactly where to find them. If you purchase a smartphone from one of the main Japanese mobile carriers ( Docomo, AU, or Softbank), it will always come with a contract and the phone will be SIM lock…

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10 Things You Should Know Before Buying a SIM Card in Japan

If you are planning to move to / visit Japan or are already a resident in Japan, mobile phones equipped with local SIM cards are an everyday requirement. They are essential for your daily life and business. Because there are so many options of SIM cards in Japan, it may seem to be tricky and it cou…

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Japanese Mobile Phones: Plans, Coverage, and Services

From the iPhone to the latest Android devices, Japanese mobile phones are outfitted with the latest technology with designs to suit every taste; whether you want to use them mostly for data exchange, phone calls or something else depends on your needs and lifestyle. Below, we provide a comparison o…

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