English-speaking Services in Tokyo

Assorted services in English for foreign residents in Tokyo

Foreign residents living in Japan for the first time may find that services provided in English are vital to  various aspects of their everyday life. Even foreigners who have lived in Japan for a long time may find that their needs are better met by an English-speaking hair salon or that they are more comfortable communicating their health needs to an English-speaking doctor.

In Tokyo there are various services in provided in English for foreign residents listed below; such as food delivery services in Tokyo, movers, dry-cleaning and travel agents in Tokyo.

We hope that these services will improve your overall quality of life while living in Tokyo.

Embalming and Repatriation During the Pandemic in Japan

Embalming in Japan has been increasing every year as a funeral practice and has become a very popular option for families. This article provides examples of how to embalm a person who passed away due to covid-19.

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English-Speaking Gas and Electricty Supplier in Tokyo

Hinatao Energy is a Gas and Electricity supplier in Tokyo and offers 100% English-Speaking services.

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English-Speaking Flower Delivery Services in Tokyo

Not only are flowers great at brightening up our daily lives, they are also great gifts for friends and family on important occasions such as birthdays or anniversaries and is also a great gift for those starting a new business. In Japan, there is a traditional type of flower arrangement called Ike…

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English-Friendly Massage Therapists & Chiropractors in Tokyo

Massages and adjustments are some of the most refreshing ways to help rescue your body from the wear and tear that the bustle of Tokyo brings. Luckily, Tokyoites feel the same way, with massage and chiropractic clinics found throughout the city. Keep your body feeling great by visiting one of follo…

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How to borrow books from a public library in Japan - Tokyo

If you are reading this article, chances are you are interested in finding out how to borrow books from a public library in Japan and whether or not they have English books available. If you are a resident in Japan, you can request a library card for free in your region. Moreover, you can also appl…

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Accounting in Tokyo: Bilingual Accounting & Consulting Firms

Whether you are filing individual tax returns or hoping to establish a new business, financial issues can be complicated. These difficulties will no doubt be compounded upon moving to a country like Japan, where you will face the intricacies of a different financial system on top of linguistic and…

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Corporate Tokyo Law Firms: English-Speaking Attorneys

Access to timely and competent legal representation is crucial wherever you in the world you happen to reside. However, in countries like Japan, differing legal systems coupled with huge cultural and linguistic barriers, may hinder your ability to get the best possible legal help. Here at PLAZA HOM…

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Travel information sites and bilingual travel agents in Japan

Japan is one of the foremost destinations for international travel today. Famous for polite efficiency, a richly preserved culture, and foodie favorites like sushi and ramen, international tourism has jumped considerably in the last decade.  If you would like help planning your trip or have someo…

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Buying a SIM card in Japan: 9 Essential Questions

If you are planning to move to / visit Japan or are already a resident in Japan, mobile phones equipped with local SIM cards are an everyday requirement. They are essential for your daily life and business. Because there are so many options of SIM cards in Japan, it may seem to be tricky and it c…

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Japanese Laundry and Dry Cleaning Services in Tokyo

One of the biggest challenges many Westerners in Tokyo face is the difference in living footprint. Space is the most expensive commodity in Tokyo, and engineers are always looking for ways to maximize living space. One vital appliance that often gets cut the earliest is laundry machines. Some apa…

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