Travel in Japan and around Tokyo

Information on traveling in Japan, one-day trips, and recreation around Tokyo

Japan with its long history and traditional culture, beautiful landscapes, and local gourmets is full of tourist-centric locations. 

Here are some recommended ideas for traveling within Japan along with recommended tourist spots, English-speaking travel agents, travel information sites for expats, and more. We also have guides for expats living in Tokyo who are interested in finding a destination for one-day or weekend trips, or for beating the summer heat.

10 Riverside Spots & Campgrounds in Tokyo to Keep You Cool

If you’re struggling through Tokyo’s sweltering summer months, you’re not alone. One of the best ways to cool off while still enjoying the outdoors is through riverside relaxation and camping. Keep reading to find out more about the top riverside spots in and around Tokyo. If you are interested in…

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Comprehensive Guide to Camping and Glamping in Japan

When most people think of Japan, exotic food, unique culture, and quirky trends come to mind well before the idea of camping. That being said, whether for families, groups, or solo travelers hoping for a brief respite from the often-frantic city life, camping in Japan definitely has an allure all i…

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Summer Escapes: 10 Great Beaches Around Tokyo

Most think of Tokyo as a bustling megacity, full of steel and skyscrapers. While Tokyo certainly has its fair share of skyscraper screens, there is a surprising amount of natural public spaces just a short train ride from the city center. Tokyo itself sits in a bay, formerly one of the great port c…

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Motto Tokyo Campaign: Save up to ¥5,000 per night on Hotel Stays

In addition to the ongoing “Go To Campaign”, all residents in Tokyo can take advantage of the “Motto Tokyo Campaign” from October 24th. If you are a resident of Tokyo and travel within Tokyo, you can get up to a ¥5,000 discount per night on hotel stays and a ¥2,500 discount on day trips. You can co…

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Special Discount Pass for Foreigners in Japan: JR EAST Welcome Rail Pass 2020

JR EAST has started a special promotional campaign to foreign passport holders in Japan, the discount pass is called "JR EAST Welcome Rail Pass 2020". It began on October 16 and will end in February 2021. It would be a great opportunity for foreigners in Japan to discover Japan this autumn and wint…

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Japan's Go to Travel Campaign: Save up to 50% on Domestic Travel

* Important notice: The Japanese government has suspended Go To Travel Campaign nationwide. The Japanese government has been running “Go To Campaign” since July 22, 2020. The campaign aims to stimulate the demand for domestic tourism which has fallen as a result of the spread of the coronavirus. Th…

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Hiking Around Tokyo: 6 Great Spots for Peak Outdoor Fun

When most people think of good places to hike near Japan's capital city, the uber-famous Mount Fuji usually comes to mind. But did you know that there are actually a lot of spots great for hiking around Tokyo? From relative beginners to those seeking a steeper course, these 6 mountains promise som…

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Skiing Near Tokyo Made Easy and Fun with 6 Great Resorts

It’s snow season in Japan, and whether you’re an avid skier or snowboarder, or just looking to bring the kids to have some fun in the snow, there are many topnotch ski resorts just a day trip away from Japan’s bustling capital city. Ski resorts in Japan usually cater to all levels, from beginners to…

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7 Best Day Trips from Tokyo: Fuji, Nikko, Kamakura and More

Japan's natural beauty and regional culture is a big part of its appeal. While Tokyo is a hub of culture in itself, sometimes it's great to get away from the city atmosphere and experience the delights of nature and the atmosphere of different towns and regions instead. Even if you don't have time…

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How to Get from Haneda Airport to Tokyo

Haneda is Tokyo’s closest airport and covers almost all domestic flights as well as an increasing number of international flights from the United States and Southeast Asia. Despite its often higher ticket fees, it is still the destination of choice due to its convenience and proximity to Tokyo. But…

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