Here we are introducing and providing general information about the various redevelopment projects taking place throughout Tokyo that are continuously evolving Tokyo into an international city. We cover each project and the further development of each area. Areas include but are not limited to Toranomon, Shibuya, Yaesu, and the Tokyo Bay area. We suggest taking the information provided here into consideration before choosing rent or purchase a room or a house.

2nd Roppongi Hills (Roppongi 5-chome Project) completion in 2030 – Roppongi will be an even more attractive town! -

The outline of the plan for Tokyo’s largest redevelopment, “Roppongi 5-chome West District Redevelopment”, has finally been revealed. The plan is also commonly known as “2nd Roppongi Hills”, which covers a vast area adjacent to Roppongi Hills and Roppongi Intersection. In Minato Ward, where ARK Hi…

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Redevelopment Plan for the Toranomon-Azabudai District

The Azabudai Redevelopment Project, whose construction began on August 5, 2019, will finally be completed in the fall of 2023. The construction of Block A (Azabudai Hills Mori JP Tower) and Block C (Garden Plaza) was completed on 30 June, with a completion ceremony held on 3 July. It will be the…

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New large-scale redevelopment around Shibuya Station getting into full swing

Redevelopment projects around Shibuya Station are finally getting into full swing. Shibuya Station is a main hub station of Tokyo where many people come and go. In many areas around the station, large-scale redevelopment construction is now under way. The redevelopment areas are divided largely…

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Extended Redevelopment Project of “TORANOMON HILLS” and the Plan for a New International Urban Center

Mori Building, a leading urban landscape developer, announced on April 13 an extended plan for large-scale redevelopment projects around the existing Toranomon Hills. The unveiled plans include the construction of two high-rise towers adjacent to Toranomon Hills and one multi-complex high-rise tower…

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Redevelopment plans in Tokyo

Tokyo is currently experiencing a time of intensifying global intercity competition. The centers of big cities around the world such as London, Paris, and New York, are going to change greatly and be reborn through the effort various redevelopment plans. Various redevelopment projects are in progres…

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Current new developments in Tokyo’s Koto-ward, Toyosu area, 2015

Toyosu 2-3 chome Area Town planning project On October 2001, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government announced “The Town Planning Policy for the area of Toyosu 1, 2, and 3 Chome”. It is a set of guidelines for planning the development of an attractive town in an integrated manner of approx. 60ha are…

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Roppongi Redevelopment

Roppongi has been known as an international entertainment district to enjoy nightlife.  Many restaurants, bars, and clubs gather in Roppongi.  It is one of the most popular spots among foreigners who like to go out as well.  Roppongi has changed greatly due to redevelopment in the past 10 years,…

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A New Subway Station on the Hibiya Line for Toranomon

On Oct. 14, the Tokyo Metro and Urban Renaissance Agency (UR) officially announced plans for the construction of a new subway station along the Hibiya Line between Kasumigaseki and Kamiyacho Stations. Construction is scheduled to begin in 2015 and the new station is expected to be open by the 2020…

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Redeveloping Shinagawa - New train station and multipurpose city project underway in Tokyo’s Shinagawa area

After long delays, JR East has finally revealed on June 3, 2014 about the plan to open a new train station, the ‘New Shinagawa Station’. It is planned to open between the current Shinagawa and Tamachi stations and as the 30th station of the Yamanote Line in the Olympic year 2020.  The planned area…

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Toranomon Redevelopments

In June 11th Mori Building Co. Ltd. opened the “Toranomon Hills”, their new landmark super modern high-rise building in the area where they first started their operations in 1955. Mori Building has been playing an important role in developing the Toranomon district by consolidating small properties…

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