Rental Market

These articles are focused on information about the lease market in central Tokyo and the market rental rates in areas that are popular among foreigners.

2020 Market Forecast for Expat Rental Properties in Tokyo

Expats Moving to Japan and the Tokyo Olympic Games In an average year many expat families arrive in Japan to start their house hunting from June to August, so that their children can start their new life in Tokyo in sync with the start of the new school term (September) of their children’s intern…

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Lease Office Market Trends in Tokyo the second half of 2018

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The updated price comparison of condominiums and offices in Asian countries.

The price of condominiums and offices in Japan is looking comparatively cheap in the international market. According to a private research organization, the price of a newly-built condominium in Tokyo as of April 1, 2015 is less than half price of the same in Hong Kong when converted into Japanese Y…

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