These articles provide information that will be useful to foreigners who are considering applying for a housing loan and an investment loan in Japan.

Maximum Borrowing Amount for a Housing Loan in Japan

When you consider using a housing loan to purchase real estate in Japan, it is important for you to first understand how much you can borrow from a bank. If you know the approximate amount you can borrow, you may get to know the amount that you need as your own funds, the budget of the real estate…

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Low Interest rates of Housing Loans in Japan – Points for choosing a Housing Loan

Because loan interest rates in Japan have remained low in recent years, most of the people who buy their own homes use a housing loan to do so. In this article, we would like to explain interest rates of housing loans, types of interest rate and their characteristics, and repayment methods as the…

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Housing Loan FAQ for foreigner’s real estate purchase

We receive many inquiries about getting a housing loan from a Japanese bank at a lower interest rate from foreign customers who are considering purchasing real estate in Japan. We contacted a bank loan representative–who has experience providing foreigners with housing loans–about some of the most…

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Property Investment For Foreigners: Financing Options & Guest-Houses

Q: As a non-resident of Japan, can I buy any property in Japan without restrictions? I am thinking of buying a 200-year-old residential landed property in the outskirts of Tokyo for my own stay purposes, and maybe as a guesthouse as well. Am I entitled to get a loan from a Japanese financial insti…

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Affiliated mortgage loan for Hong Kong resident customers

We are pleased to introduce a mortgage loan for Hong Kong resident investors which is now available by the tie-up between PLAZA HOMES and Shinsei Investment & Finance Limited. This is a mortgage loan is specially designed for Hong Kong resident private investors purchasing the real estate prope…

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