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These articles contain information about real estate sales and purchases and are for those who are considering buying real estate in Japan. Topics covered include things to be careful of when choosing a property, what Japanese apartments are like, insurance for buildings, and more. We’ve written these articles in an easy-to-understand manner for foreigners who are not familiar with Japanese business practices.

Can a foreigner purchase property in Japan?

Recently, real estate property purchase by foreigners in Japan have been increasing due to the upcoming 2020 Olympic Games being held in Tokyo along with the falling Japanese yen. Foreigners from many countries all over the world, such as Europe, America, Asia and Oceania, have come to Japan to buy…

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Maximum Borrowing Amount for a Housing Loan in Japan

When you consider using a housing loan to purchase real estate in Japan, it is important for you to first understand how much you can borrow from a bank. If you know the approximate amount you can borrow, you may get to know the amount that you need as your own funds, the budget of the real estate…

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Low Interest rates of Housing Loans in Japan – Points for choosing a Housing Loan

Because loan interest rates in Japan have remained low in recent years, most of the people who buy their own homes use a housing loan to do so. In this article, we would like to explain interest rates of housing loans, types of interest rate and their characteristics, and repayment methods as the…

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Guide to Japanese apartment layout terms

Since the space to be written on floor plans is limited, the descriptions are often written in English or by using English abbreviations, so you may not know what these would mean. We here, would like to explain the meaning of descriptions in floor plans as well as the difference between Japan and…

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What is Japan Earthquake Insurance for Earthquake Preparedness? – About its Necessity and Basic System

Japan is an earthquake-prone country, and there is a history of discussions and studies over a long period of time before the earthquake insurance system was introduced. In the wake of the 1964 Niigata Earthquake, the government and property & casualty insurance companies researched and drafte…

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How to select an Earthquake-Resistant Building - Quake-proof Capability and Value of Real Estate

When purchasing real estate in Japan, an earthquake-prone country, many people may be concerned about the risk of building collapse and damage due to earthquakes. Especially in recent years, we have experienced major earthquakes such as the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011 and the Kumamoto E…

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Earthquake resistance of buildings in Japan

To make all structures as earthquake-resistant as possible, the Building Standard Act has been - and always will be - strictly reviewed to ensure that buildings can withstand earthquakes every time the country experiences a large earthquake. Earthquake-resistance strength is strictly demanded for…

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Earthquake Countermeasures for Buildings in Japan

In earthquake-prone Japan, we have been working on earthquake countermeasures for buildings for many years based on past earthquake experiences. Currently, huge earthquakes such as a Nankai Trough Earthquake and Tokyo Inland Earthquake are predicted throughout Japan. The Japanese Government is pro…

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Webinar Announcement: The attraction of Tokyo property - What to check for choosing condominium

On February 19 (Saturday), 2022 at 11:00 AM, Yasuko Suzuki of PLAZA HOMES, Ltd. will give a talk on "The attraction of Tokyo property - What to check for choosing condominium" at an online seminar hosted by Real Estate Japan. Content of the Lecture PLAZA HOMES The attraction of Tokyo property…

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Webinar Announcement: "How to Sell Your Home in Japan - Whether You're Living in Japan or Overseas"

On January 15 (Saturday), 2022 at 11:00 AM, Kenji Kubo of PLAZA HOMES, Ltd. will give a talk on "How to Sell Your Home in Japan - Whether You're Living in Japan or Overseas" at an online seminar hosted by Real Estate Japan. Content of the Lecture PLAZA HOMES  ・When is the best time to sell…

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